Hi-Progress Knitting Co.,Ltd. i s located south of Bangkok at 143/1, Phuthabucha Road, Bangmod,Thungkhru,    Bangkok. The company has a production area of only 4,000 square meters. To increase its competitive edge, the company    autilizes modern machinery in its production line, includind both weaving and computerized design machines.
   Hi-Progress Knitting Co.,Ltd. has a production capacity of 1,500,000 pieces per year. More than 1,100 employees work    in the management, administrator, production, and marketing sections of the company. To ensure that international standards    are continually met, all of the employees are subject to rigid quality control standards monitored by a Quality Control Unit.    The company's employees are well trained, skillful, and ready to produce world-class products. The company regards them    as the key to its success because machines cannot totally replace human expertise, skill and fine craftsmanship in the    manufacturing of international-standard, quality products that will be accepted in the marketplace.
   With a combination of modern technologies and highly skilled employees,Hi-Progress Knitting Co.,Ltd.can offer the    highest possible quality products out of high productivity levels. Today, customers in many countries, including the    United States, Germany, the U.K., France, Italy and Japan, rely on the company.In the year 2000, Hi-Progress Knitting    Co.,Ltd. plans to expand its production lines through the addition of more machines and the latest state-of-the-art technology    to accommodate the increasing overseas orders it is receiving.
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